Kurt Ryslavy, Quadrat (Servietten), 1988 | collage 16,5 x 16,5 cm

Art Rotterdam 2019 Booth 24

Yuki Okumura, Diagram for the Evening, 2012 (a drawing for "On Kawara's Pure Consciousness, or Many Worlds (and) Interpretation")
Pen on paper

Yuki Okumura, On Kawara's Pure Consciousness, or Many Worlds (and) Interpretation, 2012
HD video; documentation of the artist's performance enacted by nine simultaneous interpreters at the National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, on August 28, 2012, held as part of "14 Evenings," curated by Kenjin Miwa; 39 minutes

Art Rotterdam Projections:
This video documents a 2012 attempt by Yuki Okumura (1978–) to translate the entire practice of On Kawara (1932–2014), which he considers a radical redefinition of our physical relation to the here and now, into an unusual form of performance where the artist “spoke through” nine different bodies with help from language’s essential ability to shape our reality, guided by various analogies to physics, while his own body was somewhere else, oscillating between life and death.