At the Independent in Brussels Mieke van Schaijk Gallery presents the works of three artists:
Suchan Kinoshita (NL), Kurt Ryslavy (AT) en Dennis Tyfus (BE).

The programme of Mieke van Schaijk Gallery is known for Mieke’s choice of independent artists with idiosyncratic minds and inspiring playful imagination. She shows three artists who succeed in challenging the main stream in contemporary arts and who use various anarchistic approaches to poke the art world constantly in the butt.

The presentation at the Independent contains an intertwining installation of the works of the three artists. Their pieces comment on each other and are being displayed with regard to their mutual history, especially in the case of Kinoshita and Ryslavy.

Suchan Kinoshita (1962) did a piece for her show at M KHA in 2002 that Ryslavy considered buying. It was called ‘Piece for Sale’ and showed a laundry spin with several real invoices that still had to be paid on it. The idea was that the buyer would pay for the invoices and an equivalent amount on top of that for the piece itself. At that time Ryslavy was painting invoices as factual statements about the amount of money the art market generated and the financial position of the artist in the system. They were displayed from 2000 on with transparant plexiglass slipcases and real invoices from the administration of his winebusiness. It is a cynical comment on the art market. At that time Ryslavy was a Sunday painter and he found out that customers kept his signed invoices, so he started to make them as paintings, by doing so depicting himself as the financially tormented artist.
Kinoshita is now doing a retake of this piece with new invoices which she depicts in a carefully painted manner, almost like drawings. Sushan Kinoshita has a background in music and theater before she became a visual artist, and her way of addressing the audience is influenced by that.

Kurt Ryslavy (1961) will show two of his ‘Facture décorative’ paintings he once made after Sushan Kinoshita entitled ‘Le monochrome avec son arrièreplan économique’. Another piece by him is an oil painting of his ‘Kastbilder Keukenkastschilderijen’ (Kitchen Cabinet Series) series (1982-1986).
At the Independent the new book ‘Glossarium Kurt Ryslavy’ will be presented. It consists of descriptions of all his work until now, without illustrations. In May 2017 he will have a solo exhibition at Établissment d’ en Face, Brussels.

Next to that Dennis Tyfus (1979) is showing two engraved wooden panels hanging from the ceiling and his sculpture ‘Difficult Feet’: two concrete blocks with shoes moulded into them.
Dennis Tyfus is a multi media artist and a muscian with his own radioshow at Radio Centraal in Belgium. He also produces books, magazines and records for his own label Ultra Eczema. He is one of the founders of newly brought to life Pinkie Bowtie in Antwerpen.

Mieke van Schaijk Gallery like to thank the Mondriaan Fund for their kind support.

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19/23 APRIL 2017

THURSDAY 20 APRIL 12.00 – 19.00
FRIDAY 21 APRIL 12.00 – 19.00
SATURDAY 22 APRIL 12.00 – 19.00
SUNDAY 23 APRIL 12.00 – 19.00