Peter McDonald - Furoshiki

Furoshiki by Peter McDonald

Celebrating The Future is a set of Furoshiki and postcards made for dear Me, where the drawings of artist Peter McDonald were put together by the graphic designer Åbäke. It can be purchased in person at AIT related events and as part of dear Me Mobile Museum, which visits various places.

This is an original product by Peter McDonald who gave us many of his drawings to be used on our website. This collaboration is with the graphic designer Åbäke, and is produced by KAMAWANU CO., Ltd, a company famous for Tenugui and Furoshiki.

Peter McDonald is an artist based in London, and has exhibited numerous times in Japan, and most recently in “Visitor”, a-year-long solo exhibition at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, he has also completed a mural at the cafe at Miyako City Tokyo Takanawa, a new hotel in Minato-ku area.

The Furoshiki is a versatile item, which relates well with one of our concepts – ‘bringing art into everyday life’.


This Furoshiki is made with our desire not only to be used as a practical item, but also for it to be used by children to have art close to them and to inspire them and expand their imagination. Many people with colorful heads appear in Peter’s drawings. What are they doing and where are they? Those children who write what they think in looking at the drawings and send their response to the address mentioned on the package will receive a reply from Peter.

In looking at the Furoshiki, we could think of plays, and moments of life that we’ve never seen before, and think of many stories about places such as stars somewhere out in the universe to which we have never been.


Price € 100,00