Visit by appointment: Markt 77, JX ‘s-Hertogenbosch (top floor)
Postadres: Pelssingel 560, 5212 PE ‘s-Hertogenbosch
tel +31 (0)6 23690189

The gallery of Mieke van Schaijk hangs as a bespoke dress in the small yet sturdy Dutch wardrobe in the city of|
‘s-Hertogenbosch. Completely unique, and delicate in detail, it is a piece that follows no generic pattern in favor of the risk to be something other. Not simple/easy to hold, (and why should it?) the fabric is woven with an idiosyncratic thread, with an imaginative approach. Appliquéing artistic visions since 2012 and hemmed by the stitch of contemporary, the program cuts a shape proportioned meticulously through the ‘savoir-faire’ of balancing asymmetric creative practices, unafraid to be bejeweled, sheer, or figure-hugging.      *by Fiona Mackay

Artists involved since 2012
Gino Saccone, Guillaume Bijl, pelican avenue, Walter Swennen, Derk Thijs, Jochem Weber, Marc Nagtzaam, Jack Jaeger, JCJ Vanderheyden, Fiona Mackay, Kurt Ryslavy, Dennis Tyfus, Wobbe Micha, Lucile Desamory, Frank Koolen, Lily van der Stokker, Joke Robaard, Roy Villevoye, Paul van Dijk, Keren Cytter, Willem Oorebeek, Juan Pablo Plazas, Anne Daems,  Jelle Spruyt, Kenichi Ogawa, Peter McDonald, Nina van de Ven, Stijn ter Braak, Alex Frost, Auke de Vries.

Galerie Mieke van Schaijk participates in the Mondriaan Fund’s KunstKoop

Galerie Mieke van Schaijk is partner of Jump! talent. The gallery participates in Jump! talenthub Brabant, which annually supports a few young talented creators through coaching, networking and developing exhibitions.