Hussel Zhu

Hussel Zhu (Shanghai, CN) is an artist who uses a broad range of media and techniques. One of the main issues he addresses in his work is: How the collective understanding of traditions, which often constructs our authenticity as individuals, cannot always keep pace with the speed of change. If a rapidly changing economy and/or policy breaks the consistency of our life, how do we compensate this loss as humans and as artists?

He grew up in a place without a strong belief in immaterial value. Thus he likes observing carefully what artists and he himself “produce.” He hardly agrees that creativity can be defined as a “career.”

Hussel is also one of the initiators of the Bossche Bol Bol project. It is a project attempting to respond to the over-commercialized/optimized art circle. It also discusses the topic of an artist as a “fool” character.

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