Suchan Kinoshita

Suchan Kinoshita (1962) did a piece for her show at M KHA in 2002 that Kurt Ryslavy considered buying. It was called ‘Piece for Sale’ and showed a laundry spin with several real invoices that still had to be paid on it. The idea was that the buyer would pay for the invoices and an equivalent amount on top of that for the piece itself. At that time Kurt Ryslavy was painting invoices as factual statements about the amount of money the art market generated and the financial position of the artist in the system. They were displayed from 2000 on with transparant plexiglass slipcases and real invoices from the administration of his winebusiness. It is a cynical comment on the art market. At that time Ryslavy was a Sunday painter and he found out that customers kept his signed invoices, so he started to make them as paintings, by doing so depicting himself as the financially tormented artist.
Kinoshita is now doing a retake of this piece with new invoices which she depicts in a carefully painted manner, almost like drawings.
Sushan Kinoshita has a background in music and theater before she became a visual artist, and her way of addressing the audience is influenced by that.