12.05 — 13.05 Bossche Bol Bol Editie#0

The Bossche Bol Bol is an ongoing research project that attempts to: 1. react to the over-commercialized/optimized art circle. 2, discuss the artist as a fool character, and 3, it is a mental dessert for caring and sharing. It is a project that attempts to help us in making, thinking, sharing, and exhibiting.

The #0 edition is a two-day event. We request participator artists bring one (or a few) simple, small-scale works in any form, like primary sketches, paintings, drawings or written notes, sculptures, videos, etc., even one word they hold for a while, then arrange them in the space without nails, well frame, etc.

  • We allow imperfections and make an unprepared start to see if we can find a new presentation.

We will also do a make-up game, for example, to dress up like a clown (on permission). In the circle talk, we prepared a big fabric on the floor to sit on with watercolor pencils. We can talk, share our doubts, draw, and write down complaints about the current artist circle, and the result will be in a publication. We all agreed to keep it easy and funny, and open. This program is open to be failed (if we don’t face the expectation from the participator artists), but it will revive. It is supported by Cultuurfonds Pop-Up of the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

It will become a long-term project. In 2024, we want to expand its possibility with the idea of an artist residency without the audience/ and an art fair focusing on the works of healing.