Dennis Tyfus Kurt Ryslavy Suchan Kinoshita Independent Brussels 2017

The Mieke van Schaijk Gallery presents the works of three artists: Suchan Kinoshita (NL), Kurt Ryslavy (AT) and Dennis Tyfus (BE).
She shows three artists who succeed in challenging with the main stream in contemporary arts and who have an anarchistic approach and poke the art world constantly in the butt.
The presentaion at the Independent contains an intertwining installation of the works of the three artists. Their pieces comment on each other and are being displayed with regard to their mutual history, especially in the case of Kinoshita and Ryslavy.
At the Independent the new book ‘Glossarium Kurt Rysylavy’ will be presented. It consists of descriptions of all his work until now, without illustrations. In May 2017 he will have a solo exhibition at Établissment d’ en Face, Brussels.