16.11 — 19.11 Hussel Zhu UNFAIR23

Hussel Zhu, Tiger which breaks the bad luck series at UNFAIR23 @unfair_amsterdam at a special booth of NGA lustrum celebration.

Tiger which breaks the bad luck, 2023,  29.7 x 42 cm each
Embossing/ Riso/ wood carving printing/ Ink printing/ drawing

The tiger symbolizes bravery, ferocity, good fortune, and protection from evil. It is one of the earliest Chinese totems. The tiger figure has been well inherited in folklore for thousands of years, such as paper-cutting, embroidery, clothes, shoes and hats, and handicrafts.

*It is a custom to stick the “blessings” word upside down, as “upside down” and “coming” sound alike.

Hussel Zhu is a visual artist who usually makes video installations. He developed the Tiger series while researching the boundary between how we define applied artwork(craftmanship) and autonomy work (conceptual work).