16.11—26.01Into the Cave, 2014 acrylic gouache on canvas 120 x 180 cm Peter McDonald Kenichi Ogawa Weightless

    How little unknown faces and very big bright balloon heads can make you smile and make you think. Graag nodig ik u uit voor de tentoonstelling ‘Weightless’. Van Kenichi Ogawa (Aicha, Japan, 1969) liet ik al eerder werk zien. Peter McDonald (Tokyo, 1973), een Britse kunstenaar met een Japanse moeder, debuteert in Nederland in de galerie. Van Kenichi zijn oa kleine keramische objecten (faces), vol expressie te zien en McDonald schildert verfijnde taferelen van characters met grote ballonhoofden.  

Or, it could be compared with a loincloth made of ropes for a primitive person. I made this underpants work imagining it would, when installed as a public art in front of the Hilton hotel, break some of the social rules, creating, even for a fleeting moment, a sense of freedom. It is a representation of something that is used to hide a certain thing. Shifting a social way to look at things has a potential to destroy existing words and create new ones.

I think that it is important for any artist to feel the essence of an everyday event and make it into an artwork. The impetus, or the driving force behind my ceramic works is the same thing — it is emotions in every day life that cannot be expressed through words.


CV Kenichi Ogawa